OOPS GRAB BAGS | Misfit Grab Bags

$11.00 AUD

DISCLAIMER: These oops/misfit grab bags contain imperfect stickers. These do not reflect the quality of the regular stickers at Closet Planner Addict. By purchasing a pack of these oops grab bags, you acknowledge that these stickers have quality issues. The stickers are still perfectly usable; they're just not in tip-top condition. These ooops/misfit grab bags are NOT our usual monthly mystery grab bags.


During our production of stickers over the years, we've collected a lot of imperfect sheets. A LOT. These are stickers that are not fit to be sold at full price on Closet Planner Addict. In fact, we originally intended to chuck these imperfect stickers into the recycle bin, but decided against it because it would be such a waste as the stickers are still perfectly usable, even though they haven't passed our quality check.

Thus, we decided to pack random misfit sheets into grab bags to be sold at a heavily-discounted price. Each pack has 10 sheets of stickers with an assortment of large, medium and small-sized sheets. We hope that these stickers will still manage to find a good home in your planner and/or notebook.

In the interest of full transparency, here are examples of the imperfections and mistakes in the stickers:
- Misaligned cuts (most of the stickers in the grab bags have this issue)
- Long cut lines that span one corner of the sticker sheet to the other.
- Substandard quality printing
- Uncut stickers (this is when there are no cut lines on the stickers. They're still perfectly usable as they're printed on adhesive paper. You'll just need to manually hand-cut them yourself)
- Stickers printed on old adhesive paper.

- Each pack contains 10 sticker sheets, ranging from large, medium to small.
- Each mystery grab bag will contain a random assortment of misfit stickers. No two packs are exactly the same.
- Stickers are printed via an inkjet printer on 105gsm matte adhesive paper and are kiss-cut.
- The oops grab bags are packed and ready to be shipped.
- The stickers are non-removable.
- As these stickers are imperfect and already heavily discounted, there'll be no refunds on oops/misfits grab bags.

All stickers come in a rigid envelope to prevent bending and damage in transit as much as possible. If the cheapest shipping option is selected (Standard Shipping), tracking is NOT available for standard shipping. This is to keep the shipping fees as low as possible. If you would like tracking with your order, we strongly recommend that you upgrade your shipping to include tracking. This option is available upon checkout.

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