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My name is Christine and welcome to Closet Planner Addict!

I've been an avid collector of stickers since I was very young. I would buy and collect stickers from night markets and stationery stores with whatever pocket money I had. It isn't just stickers; I'm obsessed with pretty stationery as well. I've been collecting cute erasers, pencils, notebooks, etc since I was 7!

As for planners, I've been using notebooks as planners since I was in primary school. In high school, I read about high-flying career women carrying Filofaxes around and knew that I had to get one. Well, that was until I found out how much one cost back then! In uni, I bit the bullet and bought my very first Filofax. It was a black personal-sized Metropol. My planner addiction started growing from there to more Filofaxes. That was until I stumbled upon the world of Kikki K and Erin Condren Life Planners. The rest, as they say after seeing my collection of planners, is history.

Before Closet Planner Addict came about, I've always been fascinated with how stickers were made. I bought so much over the years and thought it was high time I learned how they were made. When I bought a Silhouette Cameo machine, I didn't expect this little hobby of printing stickers for myself would turn into an actual store on Etsy!

Examples of my planner spreads

Learning to get the perfect cut right for stickers on paper took a while to master and many, many papers later, I finally did it. Sourcing for the right kind of adhesive paper was hard too as I wanted high-quality paper with a satin finish. After discovering many lemons, I'm so relieved and happy to have found the right ones I wanted.

The planning community on Facebook is absolutely fantastic. The camaraderie among planner addicts is amazing and everyone is so supportive and helpful. I wouldn't have taken the step to launch Closet Planner Addict if it wasn't for them.

Closet Planner Addict opened on 18 January 2016 on Etsy. We started out with about 30 stickers, which was quite a lot for a brand new shop back in the day. In time, we grew and added more stickers to the shop. Before we moved to this website in March 2020, we had over 400 stickers in our Etsy shop, which, at the time of writing, is how much we also have here on this website!

Just before I go, here are some random titbits about me:

  • I collect heaps of stickers that I don't actually use. A lot of them are too pretty! The same goes for notebooks and even planners. 
  • I had my first ring planner in college. Before that, I used small weekly diaries that were gifts with purchases handed down by my parents.
  • For many years, Filofax was my Holy Grail of planners and something I aspired to get. I finally bought one at the age of 21 (a pocket-sized Filofax Metropol) and it cost me a bomb! On a poor student's allowance, it felt like I paid a kidney for the planner. 
  • I don't like using ball-point pens. It's rollerball and gel pens for me all the way! Oh, and they must be as fine-tipped as possible. 
  • I also love using fountain pens. The TWSBI Eco ones are fantastic.
  • I prefer to use a regular pencil than a mechanical one. 
  • The Tombow MONO eraser is the best eraser out there. 
  • A couple of years ago, I got into the adult colouring craze and my best friend gave me a set of 72 Derwent colour pencils for my birthday. It was the most extravagant colour pencils I've ever laid my eyes on.
  • Dangerous shops for me to step into are Kikki K, Daiso, MUJI and Officeworks because I rarely leave these stores without buying something.
  • I collect Kikki K Paper Lovers books.

So welcome to Closet Planner Addict. I hope you like the stickers, printables and planning paraphernalia I have to offer as much as I've enjoyed making them for you. 

And thank you for making my sticker-making dream come true.

Christine xx