Frequently Asked Questions

Are your stickers removable?
No, they're not. Once they're down, they won't budge and will possibly tear if you do attempt to remove them.

Do you do custom orders?
At the moment, we're not accepting any custom orders but please stay tuned as this can change any time soon. If you're not sure about custom designs, please feel free to contact us. Please do not purchase any sticker sheets and request for custom designs in the Note To Seller section without checking with us first as that request will be ignored. Instead, please contact us to discuss any sort of customisations first.

Did you do all of the artwork in your stickers?
No, not all of the artwork belongs to us. We prefer to support artists and for many of the stickers available on this website, the artwork belongs to them, which will be clearly stated in each of the listings. We purchased commercial licenses from these artists to use their art in our stickers. For the ones that do not show who the artwork belong to, we purchased commercial licenses from major art websites like The Hungry JPEG, Creative Market, etc. For the ones that show that the artwork is from Christine Wang, that would be our original art. :)

Why are the colours in the stickers different from the photos?
Not all computer monitors are the same so colours may vary slightly from screen to screen.

Why is international shipping so expensive?
From 22 December 2020, we have upgraded our international shipping to be tracked only. Prior to COVID-19, we offered a cheaper and - to be honest, riskier - non-tracked international shipping option. Due to COVID-19, we had to suspend international shipping for almost a year as Australia Post would not deliver overseas for many months. After much research, we've opted for another mail delivery service (Sendle), and this time, all international shipping will come with a tracking number for all of our customers' peace of mind. This is the reason for the increased international shipping fees. The fees also include a tiny percentage for packaging costs. Thank you for understanding.

I received my stickers but they aren't cut/printed properly. What do I do?
First of all, let me just crawl into a hole and wallow in embarrassment for sending wonky stickers to you. If that happened to you, I'm so sorry! Stickers are checked for quality control before they're shipped but sometimes, unfortunately, we do make mistakes and the wonky ones are overlooked and have made their way to you. Please contact us as soon as you detect any defects in your stickers and we'll either send you a replacement ASAP or refund your purchase. We want you to be happy with your stickers and not have to deal with wonky ones!

How long does it take for my stickers to arrive after I've received the shipping notification?
If you're based in Australia, it shouldn't take over 3 weeks for your order to arrive unless there are natural disasters going on (e.g. cyclones, typhoons, terrible storms, bushfires, etc) in either my part of town or your part of town. If 3 weeks (15 business days) have passed and you still haven't received your order, please contact us ASAP and we'll work something out! 

If you're an international customer, Sendle's updated delivery time frame for COVID-19 states that it will take 21-28 business days for an item to arrive, for example, to the US. Any longer than that, please contact us ASAP and we'll work something out!

Is there a tracking number for my posted order?
To keep shipping fees as low as possible, tracking is not available with Australia Post's standard shipping option.

If you're based in Australia and would like your order tracked, please opt for either Registered Post or Express Post shipping when you check out your order. 

Orders placed in Australia that are AU$30.00 and above will receive free standard shipping (does not include tracking). Australian orders that are AU$65.00 and above will receive a complimentary upgrade to Registered Post with tracking and international orders that are AU$120.00 and above will receive a complimentary shipping that will include tracking. 

From 22 December 2020, all international orders will come with tracking.